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A Medicare annual wellness visit (AWV) is an essential part of receiving and maintaining comprehensive coverage in your later years. The health professionals at Family Health Center of Bastrop, with offices in Bastrop and Smithville, Texas, offer quality Medicare AWVs to patients 65 and older. To schedule your AWV, call, or schedule an appointment online today.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Q & A

What is a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AMV)?

The Medicare AWV is a yearly health assessment required for anyone who is covered by Medicare plans. This assessment differs from a routine annual exam, in that it is strictly to get a snapshot of your health and doesn’t include a physical exam, blood testing, or interventions.

During your Medicare AWV, your provider collects valuable health-related information and reports their findings to Medicare. Information critical to determining your health status includes:

  • Updated health history
  • Health risk assessment
  • Current medications
  • Health care providers you are seeing
  • Preventive health screening schedule
  • Cognitive and mental health assessment
  • Current health services you use
  • Vital signs, height, and weight
  • Vision assessment

If needed, your provider may discuss your end-of-life wishes and help you create a personalized advanced directive that communicates those wishes to your family and health care professionals.

How does my provider use information collected during my Medicare AWV?

The information collected during your AWV helps your provider develop a preventive health care plan that may include:

  • Annual physical examination
  • Blood work
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Health screenings
  • An activity plan
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Specialist referrals

The Family Health Center of Bastrop team helps you schedule these interventions for a time in the future. If you are a Medicare patient enrolled in a chronic care management (CCM) plan, the team may also complete your required chronic illness assessment at the same time as your Medicare AMV.

How can I prepare for my Medicare AWV?

Before arriving for your appointment, your provider may request that you fill out the Health Risk Assessment questionnaire or other online paperwork. If so, complete and bring this with you on the day of your appointment.

You may also bring:  

  • Your personal and Medicare identity card
  • A list of all current medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements
  • A list of the names and contact information for all current health care providers
  • The results of blood work and diagnostic studies completed in the past year
  • A current list of assistive devices or home health equipment

If you are a Medicare patient, your AMV is an integral part of quality geriatric care and essential to ensuring that you get coverage for the services you need to stay healthy. The team at Family Health Center of Bastrop uses a team approach to make your AMV the most rewarding and beneficial experience possible.

To schedule your Medicare AWV, call or schedule an appointment online with Family Health Center of Bastrop today.