Ronald Cox, M.D.

Allergy & Immunology located in Bastrop, TX

About Dr. Cox

Ronald Cox, MD, strives to serve the health care needs of the entire family at Family Health Center of Bastrop, with locations in Bastrop and Smithville, Texas. 

​Dr. Cox earned his doctorate from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, in Kansas City, and went on to complete specialty residencies in internal medicine, allergy and immunology, and diagnostic laboratory immunology. He is a published author and frequently lectures to the public on the topics of allergies and immunology. 

Dr. Cox is a member of the American College of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology, and the Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. 

Dr. Cox is personable and easy to communicate with. At Family Health Center of Bastrop, he treats patients from children to geriatrics and tests all his patients with a needle-free system to minimize pain and discomfort. 

When he’s not at the office, he enjoys boating and spending time with his family.

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