What's Included in a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?

If you're in your later years in life, you still want comprehensive coverage for your health. Did you know that If you have Medicare coverage, you can schedule a wellness visit with our team annually?

At Family Health Center of Bastrop in Bastrop, Texas, we provide Medicare annual wellness visits to examine your health, monitor any changes we might notice, and help you stay prevention-focused for your overall well being.

What to expect at your Medicare annual wellness exam

We offer you a thorough health assessment, which looks a little different from an overall physical exam. When you come in to see us, we update your health history, find out if you’re susceptible to any health risks, assess your vision, check your mental and cognitive health, and learn about any medications you might be taking. We weigh you, measure your height, and check your vital signs, too.

We can also discuss your palliative care requests for the future, if you’d like. Creating a personalized plan can offer great relief to you, your family, and your health care providers.

The benefits of a Medicare annual wellness exam

Our team approaches your health with preventive efforts to help you stay well. Once we have your full health assessment, we partner with you and create a personalized wellness plan that includes:

We can also refer you to a specialist, as needed. We give you an overall wellness check to make sure your body functions at its peak performance. 

How to prepare for your Medicare annual wellness exam

We have paperwork that you need to fill out before your exam. We can send it to you online and you can complete it from your computer, or you can complete the information when you arrive at our office. You may want to bring a companion with you if you need assistance.

Here’s a list of what you need to bring:

All of the information you provide helps us give you the best plan and care possible. When you’re well and have a strong immune system, you have a much higher chance at warding off sickness and disease.

To schedule your Medicare annual wellness visit, contact us by phone or request your appointment online today. You can also send us a message if you have any questions or concerns.

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